Review Process

In order to yield a well-balanced and a high quality review process, the EAWOP 2015 Program Committee approaches both scientists and practitioners from different countries with high expertise in the various theme categories of the EAWOP 2015 congress (see ‘Submission Process’ for a list of thematic fields). Invited reviewers are asked to verify (or extend) the theme categories for which they are assigned to before starting the review process.

Different reviewers will be assigned to contributions depending whether these have been categorized as ‘Scientific Contribution’, ‘Practitioner Contribution’, or ‘Scientist-Practitioner Collaborative Contribution’ by the submitting person. Each submission will be send to at least two reviewers by a member of the Program Committee (usually the one with highest expertise in the respective thematic field).

If a reviewer feels uncomfortable reviewing a particular submission, the handling Program Committee member will reassign the submission to a different reviewer. Reviews are made blind. The reviewers’ assessments are integrated by the handling Program Committee member, and guide the final acceptance decisions for a submission. Submitted contributions are either accepted, rejected, or suggested to be presented in a different format (e.g., an oral presentation might be accepted as poster presentation).