The Testday 2015

This year the Testday is a part of EAWOP2015 congress. We can promise an exciting program with high quality contributions. Presenters and participants will be researchers and practitioner from all over the world.

The Testday 2015 takes place on Royal Christiania (one of the TWO congress venues),  

Thursday May 21st from 10.00 – 17.00

From the program:

  • George Hallenbeck is Group Director for Global Product Development at the Center for Creative Leadership (USA). He holds a lecture on High-Potential Assessment and Development: A Framework-driven Approach 
  • Nicolas Roulin (University of Manitoba, Canada) are expert on how candidates fakes in the job interview. His lecture raises questions like: What is the difference between honest and deceptive forms of impression management (i.e., faking)? What tactics are used by applicants more often? What interview formats facilitates vs. impedes their use? Can interviewer accurately detect them? Faking in job interviews: What we know and what we don’t know. 
  • Helen Baron (Practitioner UK) focus on the ISO 10667 standard and how this can be implemented: “The process of using a standard and how it can improve practice in a particular organisation”. Standards of Practice in Assessment Centres

Register for the Testday 2015

When registering you can choose to only participate in the Testday (306 Euro = ca. NOK 2750 until February 15. afterwards 556 Euro): «one day registration».

You may of course also register to the whole EAWOP2015 program (included two receptions). The price is  536 Euro until February 15th, afterwards 606 Euro. 

The Testday in 2015 is a part of the EAWOP congress