State of the Art Presentations

For a range of topics in work and organizational psychology, we are proud to present a team of top researchers that want to share the research front with you in their area of expertise.  

Birgit Schyns

University of Durham

Title: Destructive leadership in organization (download abstract )

Birgit Schyns

Nico van Yperen

University of Groeningen

Title: Achievement goals in the workplace (download abstract)

Nico van Yperen

Frederik Anseel

University of Ghent:

Title: Providing and seeking feedback in the workplace (download abstract)

Frederik Anseel

Morten Nielsen

National Institute of Occupational Health, Norway

Title: Harassment and mistreatment in organizations (download abstract)

Morten Nielsen

Evangelia Demerouti

University of Eindhoven

Title: Work Engagement: A decade of research (download abstract)

Eva Demerouti

Vicente González-Romá

University of Valencia

Title:  Research in work unit climate: Recent trends and a look into the future (download abstract)

Vincente González Romá

John Antonakis

University of Lausanne

Title: Methodological challenges in the study of leadership: Dealing with the endogeneity virus (download abstract)

John Anotnakis

Catherine Cassel

Leeds University Business School

Title:  Qualitative Methods in Management/Leadership research (download abstract)

Catherine Cassel

George Hallenbeck

Centre for Creative Leadership

Title:  High-Potential Assessment and Development: A Framework-driven Approach (download abstract)


Georg Hallenbeck.

David Day

The University of Western Australia

Title: Developing Multilevel Leadership for Turbulent Times (download abstract)

David Day

Nicolas Roulin

University of Manitoba

Title:  Faking in job interviews: What we know and what we don’t know (download abstract)

Nicolas Roulin
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