Invited symposias




Dirk Steiner University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis Organizational Justice: The Roles of Power and Authority
Jeroen Stouten KU Leuven The Dark Tone of Leadership: New Touches and Future Compositions
Sabine Sonnentag University of Mannheim New perspectives on recovery research
Deanne den Hartog University of Amsterdam Leadership on a tightrope? The many balancing acts of leaders. Challenges for the future of leadership research.
Niels van Quaquebeke Kühne Logistics University  
Respect in Organizations
Jari Hakanen Finnish Institute of Occupational Health Building engagement, Staying engaged: Research and Practical perspectives
Hege Høivik Bye / Gro M Sandal University of Bergen Cultural diversity in the workplace
Henning Bang University of Oslo Team effectiveness: Important predictors and how to measure them
Dave Bartram SHL/ITC Advances in Technology-based Testing: Implications for revising the ITC Guidelines
Dragos Iliescu Bucharest University/ITC Cross-cultural testing in the work and organizational arena
Frederic Anseel / Bård Kuvaas University of Ghent/Norwegian Business School BI Strategies for improving the outcomes of feedback interventions
Petra Lindfors University of Stockholm Work Life Balance: addressing conflicts between different life domains
Anders Skogstad University of Bergen Laissez-faire leadership - A destructive type of leadership?
José Ramos University of Valencia Recent research on youth unemployment, underemployment and job
Marylene Gagne University of Western Australia Using Self-Determination Theory to Understand Respectful Leadership in Turbulent Times
Anders Dysvik Norwegian Business School BI Knowledge hiding in organizations: New insights and perspectives 

Practitioner- Scientist symposia

Bjørn Ekelund Human Factors A language perspective on Diversity Icebreaker
Per A Straumsheim Norwegian Psychological Association Guidelines for leadership development - a toolbox

Meet the editors

Talya Bauer Portland State University Meet the Editors: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Publishing and Reviewing
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