For presenters

Oral sessions

471 submissions have been accepted for the paper (oral) sessions of the Congress. These cover all fields of work-and organizational psychology. The placement of sessions will be presented online by the middle of March.

Time and organizing: 3 – 6 papers will be presented depending on the length of the timeslot (45 - 90 minutes). This gives you 15 minutes for your presentation. Papers will be thematically organized as far as possible

Technical: If you want to use a Power Point presentation (or similar), you have to bring this on a USB-stick (USB-flash drive). You bring this for loading to the EAWOP2015 upload office at the site of your presentation (Oslo Congress Center or Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania,) at least two hours before your presentation (can be delivered the day before).

Poster sessions

Over 600 abstracts were accepted for poster presentation. The presentations will be located in the Oslo Congress Center. The placement of sessions will be presented online by the middle of March.

The poster(s) will be placed along others from the same topic and with similar themes. This will attract participants interested in these topics and themes. Poster presentations provide a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas that is not always possible in oral sessions.

The poster will be attached to a wall-system (Velcro tape for this purpose will be provided). 

The format of the poster(s):
Width (max): 96 cm   Height (max): 138 cm

The authors are responsible for designing a presentation that is representative for their work and that is visualizing the work in an interesting way.

The authors are also responsible for taking down the poster after the session.

Interactive poster sessions

Within the range of a poster session, 4 – 6 posters with high score from the reviewers will be selected to an interactive poster session. These sessions with will be chaired by a student assistant and each presenter will have about 5 minutes for presenting the poster plus a couple of minutes to interact with the audience 

A note especially for participants not having English as their first language:
Some abstracts have been found to have significant potential in language improvement. If you know that this might apply in your case, we strongly suggest that you seek advice to improve your presentation

More information to come.....