We proudly present Professor Daan van Knippenberg who will be on of our key note speakers.

Daan van Knippenberg

Daan van Knippenberg

Daan van Knippenberg is professor of Organizational Behavior at Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Rotterdam School of management.

His key research interests are in leadership, diversity, creativity and innovation, and social identity processes in organizations. He has published over 140 scholarly articles, books, and book chapters in journals as Academy of Management Journal, Annual Review of Psychology, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organization Science, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.


Among several topics to be explored at The EAWOP 2015 Congress: 

  • Impact of societal change on organizations and work life
  • Managing organizational diversity: with regard to globalization, discrimination and integration, andto age, gender and cross-cultural issues
  • Occupational health, well being, and work performance
  • Empathy and conflicts; constructive and destructive relations, consequences for teams and organizations
  • Effective teams; team leadership; diversity in teams
  • Methodological issues in leadership studies