Beside the congress theme - Respectful and effective leadership - managing people and organizations in turbulent times - EAWOP2015 will cover the full breadth of work and organizational psychology.

Among several topics to be explored at The EAWOP 2015 Congress: 

  • Impact of societal change on organizations and work life
  • Managing organizational diversity: with regard to globalization, discrimination and integration, andto age, gender and cross-cultural issues
  • Occupational health, well being, and work performance
  • Empathy and conflicts; constructive and destructive relations, consequences for teams and organizations
  • Effective teams; team leadership; diversity in teams
  • Methodological issues in leadership studies

The program consist of several Keynote lectures, State of the Art lectures, Invited and Submitted symposia, Round tables debates, Paper and Poster sessions. Integration of scientists and practitioners perspectives is central during the congress.

Abstracts - search

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Keynote speakers

We are proud to present six excellent researchers. From their different research-perspectives, they will all touch upon the congress theme: “Respectful and effective leadership - managing people and organizations in turbulent times”.

State of the Art Presentations

For a range of topics in work and organizational psychology, we are proud to present a team of top researchers that want to share the research front with you in their area of expertise.  

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Download the complete program of the EAWOP2015 Congress.

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Pre-congress workshops

We are proud to present a range of pre-congress workshops taking place on May 20th. Both researchers and practitioners will find a variety of relevant topics giving them theoretical and practical knowledge and improved competence. The workshop holders are highly competent and experts of their fields. For some workshops the number of participants may be limited. We practice “first come, first served”. For reservation: Please log in and reserve your choice.

The Testday 2015

This year the Testday is a part of EAWOP2015 congress. We can promise an exciting program with high quality contributions. Presenters and participants will be researchers and practitioner from all over the world.

Pre-Conference Doctoral Consortium

We are pleased to announce that pHResh will organize a Doctoral Consortium as part of the pre-conference activities at EAWOP 2015 called “Leadership in your PhD project”.